ACCELERATOR KITS STARTED! BEGINNING OF ACCELERATION 20.01.2020 applications are accepted until 01.01.2020.

Startup Constructor is the first business incubator and accelerator in Ukraine and in the world that not only teaches you how to start a startup, but is actively engaged in assembling all the details of your startup that are needed to become successful and profitable. We will actively develop your startups to build a finished product, a company and sell it and build a profitable global business.

We have developed effective technologies for developing your business from idea to launch an accelerator program, an accelerator program, and an aftermarket accelerator for your business!


The Startup Constructor accelerator is the best business creation and development program in Ukraine and helps to enter the world market for accelerated business development on the Internet. The program includes consulting, education, marketing and legal support for the fund, access to more than 40+ of the best market experts, individual mentors, and working with other successful teams in an excellent office.

The Startup Constructor accelerator is a program that pumps your idea and makes it an early stage business. After passing, you will receive growth of your business, new knowledge and experience, partners and maybe if you convince investors that then the investment is worthwhile. In any case, the cool experience and development of you and your business and taking it to the next level.

We can get into business almost without sales and such are already very large and have a sales system and established business.

We take projects to the accelerator in the following stages:



Round A

The minimum requirements to get into our accelerator

Having a team of 2 people working for a full 3 months 24/7

Minimum NVP working model and competitive advantage. And to be in trend.

The big market is big and constantly growing, more than $ 4 million / year, to reach the income in 4 years and the market itself should be 10 times bigger $ 40 million / year

First sales and customers desirable

If there are no such indicators but there is a desire for us to get there and build your business with such indicators, you can take part in the “TO Accelerator”, where we will teach everything and will undergo trainings on-line and bring your business to a level acceptable to the accelerator.


After getting into the accelerator (3 months), each team is assigned a personal mentor who has extensive experience and knowledge and advises and looks to your business and team to evolve with our technology. The team has plans for a weekly, monthly, equator of 1.5 months.

And in 3 months to reach such indicators that will attract investors and investments.

   Key KPIs:

Turnover, sales, number of customers, cost of attracting one customer

All teams go through an accelerator program, validate their business and monetization models.

DemoDay only gets the best startups, many of them looking for investment and partners


– Selects applications from start-ups, businessmen, anyone who wants to build their business during the application period.

We study each one and determine if it fits us with some estimates.

– We call back to anyone who is interested in the mob. phone or Viber, and let’s get the information right

– From those who are interested we invite us to the office for introductory training (2 days) and watch presentations and talk to each team. If it convinces us, then leave for the passage of the accelerator (3 months) if not

– then we leave home, or we offer to take the course “TO the Accelerator” Startup Constructor, which will help to raise your business to the level which will pass for the acceleration and to pump yourself and the business.

– Successful accelerator graduates perform at Demo Day and present your project to investors and business angels!

And what else will you get in addition?

. Experience


Passage of “Death Valley” full immersion for 3 months. 24/7

Quickly resolve issues

Work among the best of the best

Starting Training (2 days) talk about customer support, how to count startup economics, conversions, value proposition,)

Diagnostic session / Brainstorming (2 hours We close with the team, look for bottlenecks and problems and set plans for what to do in the next 3 months and where the team wants to get there, a three-month plan, which is refined every week, but the goal is main)

Fixed tracker (12 weeks) do not answer all questions and he only advises, all decisions are made by the owner)

Saturday trekking (every Saturday meeting, say what happened in the week what not and what plans for the next week). A brief brainstorm of half an hour on the team, hear others’ achievements and change their actions.

260 hours of consultations (optional) are many consultations, there are basic consultations and further you choose others if you need them.

Investors on demo days worth more than $ 10 million

What is very unique that you will get in addition?

– an office – a unique business environment – where all teams and their constant professionals solve problems similar to yours, have the best knowledge and experience in those fields that interest you and help each other to cure and show such results that you will not get somewhere else.

– And also our experts and technologies and help them in real time.

– Every day you will be able to develop your contacts with interesting and useful people

– in 3 months you will receive such experience and results that without the accelerator go years!

There are so many more, but more on this in open days or in our Facebook group

Commercial conditions in the accelerator?

Up to the accelerator (online)

A program to grow your business and start-up business before it hits the accelerator: it will help take your idea to the next level, give you experience, and show whether your business is interesting to us and whether it can grow rapidly.

If you do not get into the accelerator is also good, get a conclusion and change something for the better.

Price $ 1000 / course


(select the best on the market)

Conditions are standard for everyone.

The cost of participating in our accelerator program is $ 20,000

You can pass our accelerator for free! AS?

we do not take money from the client for this, but it is our contribution to his business.

For this you, as an accelerator gives 10% in business.

Startup investment 0 (accelerator start)

We help develop a joint venture, attract an investor, or invest more ourselves!

 Also, if you can’t grow your business without money, then we can additionally raise investments from partners or our fund for $ 20,000 for 10% of the business.

All the winning accelerator teams receive the investment.

We further develop our joint business to the level of the Ceed Round


(numbers and team)

After reaching the seed round, it is our accelerator graduates who have proven to be the market and the right product, have grown sales and customer base.

And we’re attracting investors for this round. Conditions are different for everyone.

The amount of investment from $ 100 to $ 500 thousand

Percentage of investor for investing round from 10% to 30%.

We further develop our joint business to the level of Round A

Round A

 (mostly numbers)

We finance or our partners up to $ 4 million

For this, the accelerator member gives us%

The conditions are individual, it all depends on the team and the investor.

We further develop our joint business to level B or sell the business and exit.

It is not necessary to worry about% of investors in business, because

100% from 0 (zero) = 0 (zero)

All payments in national currency at the NBU rate on the day of billing and payment.


ACCELERATOR KITS STARTED! BEGINNING OF ACCELERATION 20.01.2020 applications are accepted until 01.01.2020.

Therefore, we invite you to join us and you will participate in our accelerator!

FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION, SEND YOUR PRESENTATIONS (We will send you, More information in our group on Facebook

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