The Startup Constructor is starting

The Startup Constructor is starting

We constantly conduct Battle projects competitions among software developers and engineers. Who will be able to show their skills. And the winners are waiting for prizes and participation in real projects, workplace, good salary, career, participation in global projects, realization of their dreams and ambitions, and the best and the share in the joint business!

You can join in three ways.
 If you are a talented programmer or engineer and you do not have a team, you want to get into one of our teams and take part in contests and development of real products, and get prizes, work, career, realization of your dreams and ambitions.
 If you are a team that can make a finished product with a nail but without its own product, then join in to write your presentation and the resume of each member and his role in the team. And we will study and if interested in us then we will offer to take part in the Battle projects contest. The winner will receive a lot! We invite you to join us!
 If you are a team that has already developed your own product, offer us all together, you will have the opportunity to take part in the Battle projects as well as realize your project, goals and ambitions!
 Requirements for all candidates for specialized education + successful experience from 3 years, senior executives from 5 years, high level of English (preferably free).

We invite all talented and successful programmers and engineers to join our project with us you will get more than to offer in other projects or works. With us you realize all your goals and ambitions, build your career and business!

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