We cooperate with many Ukrainian and international investors and business angels, but are always ready for development.
 We invite new investors to join our project and get the opportunity to invest in projects able to change the world. These are successful projects and active business who make money.
 We are looking for venture investments!
  Venture Capital (Venture Capital) is the money of investment funds or firms specializing in financing the growth of young companies, usually for remuneration in the form of equity income. An important source of financing for start-up companies or companies in difficult circumstances is the so-called “risk” capital.
 Venture investments contain a high degree of risk, but at the same time promise good outlook for revenue – above average. In exchange for the risk they take, venture capitalists can receive remuneration in the form of profits, royalties, preferred shares, and the growth of share capital in a different form.
 INVESTORS, we invite you to cooperate, do your suggestions!

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