If you have only a good idea, or more experience, but do not meet all the points that immediately submit your project to the accelerator then we offer you the program to the accelerator Startup Constructor. After its passing, participants receive:

Graduates pump their idea to the level of transition to an accelerator, or realize that the idea is not viable in a minimal time and budget and will receive invaluable personal experience and knowledge that will be able to implement their ideas and create a successful business in the future.

courses and trainings online (recording) to watch at a convenient time for you. you will receive more than 30+ online master classes

In 30 days Access to private chat professionals and professionals and businessmen, investors and you can ask your questions you will be answered, can read other people’s cases and their solutions. Time 1 month (30 days) can then be extended if we find common interest.

Test files with methods for evaluating and developing your business from idea or minimum start up to indicators and recommendations to get into our business accelerator.

To get into the accelerator, your business must meet the following minimum requirements:

The minimum requirements to get into our accelerator

Having a team of 2 people working for a full 3 months 24/7

Minimum NVP working model and competitive advantage. And to be in trend.

The big market is big and constantly growing, more than $ 4 million / year, to reach the income in 4 years and the market itself should be 10 times bigger $ 40 million / year

First sales and customers desirable

If there are no such indicators but there is a desire for us to get there and build your business with such indicators, you can take part in the “TO Accelerator”, where we will teach everything and will undergo trainings on-line and bring your business to a level acceptable to the accelerator.

! If you are not sure whether you need an Accelerator or immediately, then you can submit your presentation to the accelerator, our experts will evaluate your business.

How do you get a course?

– Write us an e-mail / or call the contacts posted on the site.

– Fill in the contract and pay (all online)

– We send to your e-mail your login details and text version and links to the video course.

Price $ 1000 (online) base rate

National currency payment at the NBU rate on the day of settlement.

Then you will gain experience and, if you develop your business, to the level of the accelerator, then you will also fall into our accelerator.

And what about the accelerator read more on the site about the ACCELERATOR and its capabilities.

We invite you to go through our program and get useful experience and knowledge, as well as get the opportunity to grow your business.

Take the Course – Make Big Business Your Idea!

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